This website provides an overview of our research on visually-grounded language in a continual learning setting. The work is jointly led by Raffaella Bernardi of the Language and Vision group led by at the University of Trento, Barbara Plank of the Natural Language Processing group at the IT University of Copenhagen and Raquel Fernández of the Dialogue Modelling group at the University of Amsterdam. The three group leaders have equally contributed to all papers included here.


Claudio Greco Barbara Plank Raquel Fernández Raffaella Bernardi
Claudio Greco
Barbara Plank
Raquel Fernández
Raffaella Bernardi


Psycholinguistics meets Continual Learning: Measuring Catastrophic Forgetting in Visual Question Answering

Claudio Greco, Barbara Plank, Raquel Fernández, and Raffaella Bernardi

ACL 2019

We study the issue of catastrophic forgetting in the context of neural multimodal approaches to Visual Question Answering (VQA). Motivated by evidence from psycholinguistics, we devise a set of linguistically-informed VQA tasks, which differ by the types of questions involved (Wh-questions and polar questions). We test what impact task difficulty has on continual learning, and whether the order in which a child acquires question types facilitates computational models. Our results show that dramatic forgetting is at play and that task difficulty and order matter. Two well-known current continual learning methods mitigate the problem only to a limiting degree.
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